Germany launches investigation on Apple AppStore, iOS and iPhone anti-competitive behavior

Germany is going to investigate Apple. Regulator is looking into whether the tech giant has created a dominant market position with its iPhone and operating system iOS. The App Store will also be examined.

“The investigations will focus on the operation of the App Store, as Apple can influence the business activities of third parties in a variety of ways,” said Andreas Mundt, the head of the regulator.

According to him, the scope of Apple’s technological and financial resources is also discussed in detail. Access to data will also be investigated. The German regulator was given new powers at the beginning of this year to act against digital platforms that play a crucial role in the online economy.

The Federal Cartel Office is also considering additional proceedings following complaints from the advertising and media sectors. These include Planned privacy restrictions on how advertisers track users.

Apple commented that the App Store is an engine for innovation and job creation and that the “iOS app economy” in Germany creates more than 250,000 jobs. According to Apple, the App Store offers all German developers, no matter how big they are, the same opportunity to share their “passion and creativity” with users worldwide.

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