Iran provokes US and Europe with new, far-reaching nuclear step

Iran has taken another provocative step towards further enriching uranium. To the anger of the US and Europe, Teheran wants to start producing uranium metal. This can’t be used for a nuclear weapon but is closer to it.

Teheran’s announcement threatens to undermine the indirect talks in Vienna between the US and Iran that started in April. With these negotiations, the Biden government hopes to save the 2015 international nuclear agreement that should prevent Iran from ever becoming a nuclear power.

Since then president Trump withdrew America from this nuclear deal in 2018, it has been in question. Iran has since violated the agreement, including the enrichment of uranium. Tehran hopes to put pressure on the US and Europe to revive the deal and lift the restrictive economic sanctions.

The higher enrichment of uranium and the production of uranium metal, which can be used for the core of an atomic bomb, is prohibited by the atomic agreement. In February, it was discovered that Iran had made a small amount of uranium metal, 3.6 grams. The international atomic energy agency (IAEA) was on Tuesday, Iran, to hear that an amount of uranium would have to be transferred to a nuclear facility in Iran, where it would be converted into uranium metal.


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