Biden will provide ‘a clarity’ in EU/US travel restrictions

The US expects to be able to provide more clarity within a few days on the partial lifting of travel restrictions for EU citizens. It is not going very well: Chancellor Merkel has had to press for it.

Merkel was visiting president Biden at the White House yesterday. The Americans ‘ban on EU citizens’ entry was one of the points of contention. Within the EU, there has been a long-standing chagrin about the attitude of the Americans.

Since March 2020, EU citizens are in principle no longer allowed to fly to the US. Conversely, strict restrictions were also applied, but last month the EU decided that the restrictions for Americans could be lifted gradually. Member states are ultimately free to decide for themselves what requirements they impose on American travelers.

But from the American side, things are a lot less moving. This seems to be changing slightly now, although the commitments are butter-soft. After the conversation with Merkel, Biden announced that he expects more clarity ‘within a few days’.

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  1. Joel says

    Why are you saying EU when they specifically said European? Two different things.

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