Google’s ban on Fortnite may be unfair play to get it sold

Google intended to buy Fortnite from Epic

Google has tried to buy part or all of Fortnite maker Epic Games, according to published court documents Friday. This is remarkable, as the two companies have been involved in a lawsuit for months over the amount of commissions that Google asks about apps sold through its App Store Play Store.

In the documents Epic Games explains why the company took Google to court.

In one of the paragraphs, Epic talks about Google’s market dominance, with game maker noting that Google “shares its monopoly profits with business partners to keep competitors out of the door, has internal projects running to block alternative app stores, such as Epic’s, and has tried to buy parts or everything from Epic”.

The company does not go into it further. Google has not yet responded to the news either.

Epic sued Google last year because the tech giant had removed the shooting game Fortnite from its App Store. Google did so because Epic had set up its own payment system, so that players could buy things in the app outside of Google’s system. With this, the game maker made sure that he did not have to pay 30 percent on every purchase to Google, which Google demands.

Google found that Epic was violating the rules of the Play Store and removed the game from its App Store. Epic, in turn, disagreed with this and the company went to court. The game company also sued Apple for the same reason.

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