New car safety systems standards are hidden in the infrastructure bill

It seems that nobody exactly what the standards would be about

President Biden’s $ 1 trillion infrastructure package has been adopted by the Senate. Among other things, it appears that this package includes requirements for safety systems for new cars.

The infrastructure in the United States – in particular many bridges – could use a refurbishment, to say the least. But that is not the only thing to do in the massive investment package that is now supported by the majority of the Senate. It also sets out a number of measures to improve road safety, including specific requirements for new cars, and we have heard recently that this includes a form of alcohol lock, but there is more.

First of all, new cars in the US will eventually get headlights that meet new standards, although it is not yet specified what is meant by that. What is already clearer is what we want in terms of standard safety features. For example, Autonews notes that safety systems designed to prevent collisions must meet a minimum standard and that things such as forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking systems will be mandatory. In the long run, there must also be a lane assistant that keeps the car within the lines for you.

The package of demands is very reminiscent of what the European Union has set up for next year. In this case, all new cars must also have an emergency braking system, lane assistant and a connection for an alcohol lock. In addition, road sign recognition will be mandatory, so that the car can help to prevent speeding. It is not yet clear when the new systems will actually become mandatory in the US. First, the NHTSA will undoubtedly have to look with the car manufacturers at what is feasible and how it should be shaped.

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