PlantLab fetches an important US patent

PlantLab has extended its patent collection with a second patent in the United States. It is a ‘wide indoor farming patent’, but specifically concerns the way in which the root/substrate temperature is controlled, as well as the evaporation and leaf temperature of the crop.

With the approval of the patent, PlantLab also obtained a patent in the 74 countries for which the patent was applied for.

The second patent for the US market was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The first patent was granted last year. Both patents are valid retroactively from 13 October 2008.

In June 2017, PlantLab’s European patent was upheld by the European Patent Office (EPO) following formal opposition proceedings. PlantLab has recently concluded licensing agreements with several parties for the use of these patents.

“The US patent now granted is important for PlantLab. With this approval, PlantLab’s wide indoor farming patent is now valid in all 74 countries applied for. It secures Plantlab’S IP position as a global production and technology player in the market,” says Leon van Duijn, co-founder of PlantLab.

PlantLab is a technology company and will also protect its new innovations with trade secrets and patents if it is in the company’s interest, according to a press release.

“We will use this in a way that can help feed everyone on the planet. Locally grown and plant-friendly.”

PlantLab’s patent for indoor farming covers the way root / substrate temperature is controlled, as well as the evaporation and leaf temperature of the crop.

“PlantLab’S IP and technology ensures optimal growth in indoor farming facilities due to total control over plant growth in a way that ensures optimal yield, taste and other quality aspects,” explains Leon.

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