US is working on ‘alternative routes’ to evacuate Afghans and diplomats

It's unclear what it means

The United States fears an attack on Kabul airport. That’s why the US military is working on ‘alternative routes’.

The threat would come from a terror group.

”There is a good chance that IS is trying to attack the airport, ” a US Department of Defense representative said to CNN. The threat is ‘credible‘, but at the same time it would still be ’indirect’.

That is why the United States decided to build so-called ‘alternative routes’. This way, people who want to flee the country can still come to the airport. CNN indicates that the Taliban is aware of the plan of the Americans.

For a long time it has been chaotic at Kabul airport. The Taliban made a huge advance and that led to much unrest in the country. A lot of people want to leave Afghanistan. The situation is still very unsafe and the US wants to manage it properly.

John Kirby, Pentagon press secretary, stated during last Saturday’s press briefing that the army is “fighting both time and space” to evacuate people as safely as possible. “There is a whole range of safety concerns we have. The idea is to evacuate as many people as possible as soon as possible. That’s what we’re focusing on. In an effort to accomplish that mission, we’re taking in a wealth of information about what the security environment looks like.’’

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