Fort Lauderdale wants to build a tunnel, Boring company is one of the contenders

Elon Musk's Boring Co. may get the first real job - and it is really boring

Boring Company, Elon Musk’s tunnel construction company, will conduct exclusive negotiations with Fort Lauderdale to build a tunnel in that city, a Fort Lauderdale spokesperson announced Tuesday.

Two other parties had also made proposals for building a tunnel, but they were rejected because they did not meet local legal requirements for public-private partnerships, the spokesperson said. This left only drilling as a possible party.

“In addition to negotiating an agreement with drilling, the necessary technical and regulatory work will have to be done,” the spokesman said. After all, building a tunnel through the marshy soil in this part of the state of Florida would bring with it challenges that are new to engineers. “Speculating about a timeline is therefore not possible now.”

The proposed tunnel should run from the Center to the beach and be about four kilometers long. Passengers would be transported in both directions in Tesla’s, as is already the case in the drilling tunnels in Las Vegas. As soon as the technology for automated driving is sufficiently advanced, the cars will drive up and down without a driver, says Boring Co.

The project is called Las Olas Loop and aims to help beach-goers avoid blocked roads above the ground. If a deal is actually reached between drilling and Fort Lauderdale, this will be company’s first deal outside the state of Nevada.

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