Joe Biden comes up with bold plan to get the rest of the world moving

All we need is a good rain dance

Biden warns of climate change after series of natural disasters in US – “we can stop this”.

The recent damage caused by natural disasters in the United States shows that climate change is a serious threat to lives and incomes, the President considers. Joe Biden said that during a visit to the Queens district in New York, where people have died in their homes from heavy rainfall and floods. “We can stop it before it gets worse,” he said at a press conference.

Biden pointed to the wildfires in California, and the victims hurricane Ida has caused in the states of Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, and to a lesser extent Pennsylvania. “We’ve all seen that this really matters,” Biden said about the impact of natural disasters. “Everyone is working their asses off,” he praised aid workers and other compatriots. It is following him a “crisis of everyone”.

One in three Americans has been hit by extreme weather, says Biden. “I have seen the price people pay with my own eyes.”Again, he assured that help will be there as long as it is needed.

It is really of the utmost importance to take action now, the president said about the major COP26 climate conference to be held in Glasgow this autumn. According to him, the US is determined to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. “We need to get the rest of the world moving.”

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