Smoke alarm went of at the ISS

The cause is unknown yet

The smoke alarm went off in a Russian part of Space Station ISS, reports space agency Roscosmos. Cosmonauts smell the smoke of burnt plastic. The work on the space station has not been disrupted.

The smell of smoke is said to have occurred during the charging of batteries on board the station. Exactly what went wrong is not known.

The alarm went off at night in the Zvezda module, which serves as a living space for Russian astronauts. French astronaut Thomas Pesquet reported that the smell of burnt plastic had passed from the Russian part of the station to the American part. As a precaution, an air filter is switched on to remove any smoke from the air.

All ISS systems would work as they should, Reports Roscosmos. Later in the day, a spacewalk is scheduled. Despite the incident, the walk continues.

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