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The US 'retaliation strike' killed an innocent civilian to boost morale of the troops

The man who died in a U.S. drone attack in Afghanistan at the end of last month would not be a terrorist, but an aid worker. That’s what the New York Times says.

An American drone followed 43-year-old Zemari Ahmadi for hours because he was mistaken by the US for a member of a terrorist organization. When he loaded jerrycans into a car in a courtyard, it was assumed that he wanted to transport explosives, but video footage in the newspaper’s hands would indicate that it was not explosives, but water.

Ten people were killed in the attack. Among them were seven children. “All protocols were followed correctly, and it was a just attack,” the Pentagon stated immediately after the action. It was assumed that the man was planning an attack and that he was a direct threat to American soldiers at Kabul airport.

The newspaper also had conversations with Ahmadi’s family and friends. They say he worked for 14 years for Nutrition and Education International, a California NGO that works, among other things, to combat malnutrition in Afghanistan. Ahmadi was involved in distributing food to Afghan refugees.

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