Lunatics want to question oil companies on their ‘input to the climate crisis’

The next war will be fought using solar-powered Tesla tanks

Several members of the Democratic Party who sit in the US Congress want the four companies to come and testify. The politicians have therefore sent letters to Shell, BP, ExxonMobil and Chevron asking the companies to appear in a hearing on 28 October.

Shell and three other oil companies are due to make statements in the United States about their role in the climate problem. It’s about what the companies knew about the link between fossil fuels and global warming and what they’ve brought out about it.

The Democrats want to know how well the companies were aware of their own impact on the climate problem (which is a scientific problem far beyond corporate competence). They also want to know whether the oil companies have deliberately given false information about this and whether they have tried to block climate policy. The oil companies have therefore also been asked to share emails and documents about this.

“We plan to get to the bottom of how fossil companies have made trillions of dollars of profit, at the expense of our planet and our health. This while they have spread doubt and misinformation about the danger of fossil fuels,” Carolyn Maloney said.

She is chairman of the committee of inquiry of the House of Representatives.

Shell commented that it would like to cooperate with the commission and support the transition to a cleaner future.

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