Military coup to overthrow another military coup

..failed in another African country

An attempted coup d’état took place in Sudan on Tuesday. State media have announced this, without identifying the perpetrators of the plot.

“There has been a failed coup, people have to face it, ” the state media said. A government source confirmed to AFP that the plotters had tried to take over the state media building, but had failed to do so.

A high-ranking military source stated that a group of officers was involved in the attempt, but that the military were immediately suspended.

On Tuesday it will remain quiet in the center of capital Khartoum, also around the headquarters of the army. However, Sudanese security forces blocked the main bridge connecting Khartoum with its sister city Omdurman, on the other side of the Nile.

The coup attempt was directed against the Transitional Government of Sudan established after the ousting of President Omar al-Bashir in March 2019. The country has since experienced economic difficulties and deep political divisions. In recent months, several reforms have been implemented to qualify for an International Monetary Fund debt relief program.

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