Facebook has once again revealed its totalitarian ambitions

You can't mess with Big Brother's little helpers

Facebook has banned Louis Barclay, the creator of the browser extension Unfollow Everything, for the life of its platforms. He must also promise never to develop a program that connects to Facebook services again, writes Barclay at Slate.

Unfollow everything allowed people to clear their entire news Overview by unfollowing all their friends, groups and pages. The extension was developed to help people spend less time on Facebook.

However, Facebook’s lawyers sent a letter to Barclay telling him to quit his extension. Facebook Instagram “they threatened legal action and closed my Facebook and Instagram accounts,” he writes.

Unfollowing is different than unfriending. With the tool, only the news overview remains empty. The user remains friends with the people he was friends with before. “It allows you to use Facebook without the overview, or it allows you to better determine who appears in it and who does not.”

The extension has since disappeared from the Web Store for the Chrome browser.

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