The US launches a new round of sanctions, 27 suppliers are on the list

The US government has blacklisted 27 companies and individuals. According to the US, they would supply technology to the Chinese, Russian and Pakistani military. These include various manufacturers of chips. The companies and individuals come from China, Japan, Singapore and Pakistan.

With this step, US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo wants to prevent American technology from being used by armies of the aforementioned countries. According to her, it could endanger national security.

American companies that want to do business with the organizations on the Black List must ask the US government for permission. In many cases, they will not get that permission.

China is displeased with the measures. Beijing says that under the guise of protecting national security, the US is trying in every way possible to oppress Chinese companies. “China is strongly opposed to this,” said a spokesperson for the Chinese government.

This is not the first time that the US has blacklisted companies. Then president Donald Trump decided several times to restrict trade with companies from, among others, China. For example, Chinese telecom company Huawei entered the US blacklist in 2019.

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