NGO accused Myanmar junta in the mass killing

Save the Children reported 38 deaths

The army of the Asian country Myanmar has perpetrated a massacre in which more than thirty people, including women and children, were killed. The bodies of the victims were set on fire by soldiers, writes news agency AP.

People would have been pulled out of their cars, arrested or killed. Charred bodies have been found In vehicles, according to images on social media.

According to opponents of the military junta in Myanmar, it is at least 27 corpses. According to a witness, some bodies have been burned in such a way that the exact number cannot be determined.

Save the Children reported 38 deaths. The Myanmar regime only wants to confirm that there have been deaths when military personnel wanted to stop seven “suspicious” vehicles.

Save the Children also reports that two employees are missing after the massacre that took place Friday in the Kayah region of eastern Myanmar. They were on their way home for vacation, but became involved in the incident and have since been reported missing. Their vehicle was attacked and burned out. Save the Children condemns the attack as a violation of international humanitarian law.

The organization has been working in Myanmar since 1995. Some of the activities were interrupted after the massacre.

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