Biden wants political violence to be ’not the norm’ in the US

US president Joe Biden addresses political violence in the country in his speech commemorating the Storming of the Capitol on Thursday. He calls on all Americans not to allow it.

The parliament building was stormed by supporters of Donald Trump exactly one year ago to reverse Biden’s election victory. At that time, the result was made official. Five people were killed in the attack, including a police officer. Other recent political violence in the U.S. was a conspiracy to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmore in 2020 due to the corona measures.

‘Do not live in a shadow of lies’

“Will we become a country that has political violence as the norm? Are we going to be a country where partisan officials destroy the will of the people? We cannot afford to become such a country, ” said Biden in his speech already shared with the American press.

“Americans need to start recognizing lies and not living in a shadow of lies.”

Biden will give the speech at the Capitol on Thursday afternoon. Vice President Kamala Harris is also present. Many Republicans are not coming. A number, such as Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, is at the funeral of a party colleague, but the absence also marks the division in the political landscape, according to American media.

On Wednesday, it was announced that Biden is going to lash out at his predecessor Trump. According to the president, Trump is the only one responsible for the Storming of the parliament building. Shortly before the attack, Trump gave a speech a few kilometers away calling for justice. He said the election was stolen. On it, many supporters marched to the Capitol and forcibly penetrated the building.

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