Jack Sweeney refuses to delete his bot for Tesla

The nineteen-year-old American student who tracks all flights of Elon Musk’s private jet via a tweeter bot has declined a new offer to cancel the Twitter account. According to the British Daily Star, he has now been offered a Tesla Model 3.

Jack Sweeney has a Twitter account that automatically sends a tweet of all flights of Musk’s private plane. Previously, the billionaire personally requested him to close that account in exchange for 5,000 dollars, as it may pose security risks to him. Sweeney refused. He preferred $ 50,000 for his studies or a Tesla.

Scott Painter, a car leasing company owner, has now really offered him a Tesla Model 3 that Sweeney can use for three years. He must stop that Twitter account. But the student did not go into that. He doesn’t want to return the car after three years.

On Twitter, comments from others can be read comparing Sweeney’s behavior with doxxing, the public sharing of someone’s private address data. Also, some wonder why Twitter continues to allow such automated accounts.

Sweeney has developed several tweeter bots. For example, with other Twitter accounts, he keeps track of where the private planes of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos fly.

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