Trump’s own Twitter clone goes live

The app is tested and goes live on iOS

Truth Social, Donald Trump’s new social network, has been released on Apple’s App Store. It is an alternative to Twitter, where the American former president has not been welcome for a year.

The iOS app has been tested by a select group of users for several days. When the app will also be available for Android is not clear.

Truth Social was announced in October. The app was created by the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), which Trump says is a counterpart to left-wing media companies. According to the TMTG, the social network should in any case become a place without censorship.

On Truth Social, users can post a so-called truth and can share truths from others. This happens in the same way as retweeting a message on Twitter.

Trump was a fanatic Twitterer until he was banned from Twitter. He used the platform to communicate with his 88 million followers. Since the beginning of January 2021, he can no longer use the account, because his messages would have incited others to violence.

Other social media companies also blocked Trump accounts for this reason. For example, he can not use his accounts on YouTube and Facebook for the time being.

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