TikTok popularity backfires as crazy teens are using it for crazy things

As if the problems are in the app itself..

Prosecutors from eight U.S. states are starting an investigation into TikTok. They are going to see what possible harmful effects the popular video app has on children.

The investigation was announced by the Chief Prosecutor of the state of Massachusetts. It focuses on, among other things, the technology that the company applies to keep young people glued to the phone screen for longer.

“With children struggling with issues such as anxiety, social pressure and depression, we cannot allow social media companies to further harm their physical health and mental well-being,” the prosecutor said.

The study should reveal whether TikTok functions are designed to cause or enhance such physical or mental problems.

TikTok stated in a comment a lot to do for the well-being of users of the app. “We appreciate that the chief prosecutors focus on the safety of young users. We look forward to sharing information about the many safety and privacy measures we take for teens.”

TikTok is under attack not only in the United States for the well-being of young people. The Dutch Data Protection Authority imposed a fine of 750,000 euros on the app last year because TikTok violated the privacy of young children. Information that children received from TikTok was in English and, according to the regulator, therefore not understandable.

A larger European investigation into TikTok, conducted by the Irish privacy watchdog, looks deeper into the processing of personal data of young people under the age of eighteen. The Irish are also investigating whether app checks well enough that users are not younger than thirteen years.

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