US pushes China not to deliver ‘some weapons’ to Russia

It seems that it is just an coverup for general talks

At a summit in Rome between China and the United States, America will try today to convince China not to help Russia in the war in Ukraine. Yesterday, ‘US sources’ reported that Russia has been asking China for military equipment since the beginning of the war. It’s unclear what is that equipment.

The meeting in Rome is scheduled between US national security adviser Jake Sullivan and China’s foreign policy chief Yang Jiechi.

Sources told The Guardian that Sullivan will emphasize during the conversation that his country China has been pointing out for months that Putin was preparing an invasion of Ukraine. The Chinese government ignored these warnings.

Sullivan will warn China during the call, the sources report. If Beijing decides to supply weapons to Moscow, it is a “historic mistake”. According to Sullivan, that would be ” a turning point in world politics.”

US media reported yesterday on the basis of government officials that Russia has been asking for weapons since the beginning of the invasion of China. There are signs that the Russians are short of certain weapons now that the war has been going on for almost three weeks.

The BBC said it would have to wait until the summit to see if China would actually supply weapons to Russia. In this case, the European Union, the United States and other Western countries support Ukraine, and Russia receives support from China.

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