Dhirendra Prasad’s case shows vulnerability of major companies

A former Apple employee is being sued for fraud in the United States. The 52-year-old man allegedly funneled more than 10 million dollars.

According to the charges, Dhirendra Prasad abused his “position of trust” as a buyer in Apple’s global supply chain to defraud the company.

Prasad, as the buyer of the American tech manufacturer, negotiated with suppliers of Apple products. He placed orders for those suppliers, with Apple then making payments through the invoices Prasad had entered into its purchasing system. The man was fired in December 2018. The exact reason for this is not known.

The former employee allegedly scammed Apple by taking bribes, stealing parts by forging repair orders, and making Apple pay for items and services the company never received. Prasad is also accused of tax evasion and money laundering.

Prasad’s case will be presented on Thursday. The prosecutors hope that the former employee will be forced by the court to, among other things, give up his property, which is worth millions of dollars. Two sellers who did business with Prasad were convicted in December of money laundering and fraud.

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