The Truth Social platform is still a little bit behind the success

...and a little bit ahead of failure

Former US president Donald Trump announced the arrival of his own social network last year. The Truth Social platform has been available for six weeks now, but it cannot be called a great success.

Truth Social was announced in October. It is an alternative to Twitter, where the former US president is no longer welcome.

Since the beginning of 2021, he has been unable to use his account, as his messages would have incited others to violence.

On Truth Social, users can post a so-called truth and can share truths from others. This is similar to retweeting a message on Twitter.

Interest in the social network was initially great. On February 21, when the platform was launched, Truth Social was one of the most downloaded apps. However, many people could not use it at that time, because there was a waiting list to be able to join.

Truth Social reported that the app would be fully operational by the end of March, but that’s not the case. Nearly one and a half million people are still on the waiting list, BBC News reported on Monday. According to the Bloomberg News Agency, the number of downloads of the app has now dropped by around 95 percent.
Trump would not be happy with platform

Anyone who thinks Trump himself is a fanatical user of the platform is wrong. He has only shared one post on Truth Social so far.

“Get ready! Your favorite president is coming soon, ” he wrote to his followers in February. It’s been quiet ever since.

According to several US sources, the president is not satisfied with the app and therefore does not use it. He now has over 750,000 followers on the platform. This is a small comparison to the number of followers he had on Twitter, which was around 88 million.

Trump said the app is not yet available for Android and web browsers. In fact, people who do not live in the United States cannot use it at all. So the chance that Truth Social will develop as a full-fledged competitor to Twitter seems small for the time being.

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