DoJ will investigate police reaction during Uvalde crisis

The police acted too cautious, to say the least

The US Department of Justice is going to investigate the actions of the police in the shooting at an elementary school in the state of Texas. 18-year-old Salvador Ramos shot dead nineteen children and two teachers at the school in Uvalde on Tuesday.

“The objective of the evaluation is to provide an independent report of the actions and actions of the police that day and to learn from them, so that first responders can be better prepared for situations involving an active shooter,” said a spokesman for the ministry.

It is generally accepted by the Department, but it is mainly about what everyone here in America is so angry about: it took an hour and a quarter before the shooter was stopped.

Police officers waited to intervene despite alarm calls coming from the classroom. They knew what was going on. There was also a special unit of the border guard who waited half an hour before doing anything. The police themselves have already admitted that they made wrong choices. But there are still a lot of questions. How did this happen? This research needs to get that out of the water. The fact that the ministry is now dealing with this indicates how big the mistakes have been made.

The actions of the police, according to the correspondent, are unimaginable for the Americans. The police are what they always look up to, especially in these kinds of emergencies.

US president Joe Biden visited Uvalde on Sunday. A passerby shouted Stop this to Biden and he said, ” We will.” But according to Postma, the president himself can do little. ‘We need the help of Congress. In a way, this event has united the Democrats and the Republics a little. Everyone agrees that this cannot be done. But the differences in perception of being able to keep weapons are still great. The Republicans continue to cling very much to everything that has to do with the Second Amendment, while according to the Democrats, and especially the left-wing Americans, the big discussion should not be forgotten above all. I think something needs to be done about gun laws.’

Ramos walked into the school at 11: 33 a.m. local time. The first officers arrived within two minutes and not long after, nineteen officers were present in the school. But no one penetrated the premises where Ramos massacred. The commander would have thought that none of the children in the room were still alive. In the end, the special police team did not take out the shooter until 12: 51.

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