Another arrest of a black man ended with death of the suspect

Police in the city of Akron, Ohio, have released footage of the death of a 25-year-old black man. He was killed when he was chased by officers and shot dozens of times.

The victim is Jayland Walker. He was shot dead on June 27 after a traffic check. Officers thought Walker had shot at them before, and planned to do so again.

It is not clear how many times Walker was shot, but he had at least 60 wounds to his body, police say. Eight officers shot at him during the chase.

It started with a traffic control. Walker allegedly fled, and a minute later a shot was heard from the car. Later, officers managed to force the car to a standstill, after which Walker run away by foot.

After a few seconds of pursuit, the officers began to shoot. Bullets were fired during six or seven seconds. An agent tried to use a taser, but without success.

Officers would have seen Walker’s hand go to his waist, possibly to grab a weapon. They shot because they felt threatened. Walker was found unarmed.

The agents have been sent on leave for the time being. An investigation is underway into the death of Jayland Walker. There was a protest in Akron yesterday. Protesters walked peacefully through the city and gathered at the police headquarters.

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