Evacuees or deportees?

US accused Russia of creating 'filtration camps'

The US says it has evidence that Russia interrogated hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens in “filter camps” and forcibly deported Ukrainians to isolated areas in eastern Russia. The US estimates their number at 900,000 to 1.6 million. Among them would also be citizens who left their country voluntarily because of the war.

“These operations are intended to find the people who, in the eyes of Russia, do not want to submit sufficiently to Russian authority,” the US ambassador to the UN Security Council said. “And there is growing evidence that the people who are said to be pro-Ukrainian are ‘disappearing’ or being jailed.”

Her Russian counterpart immediately dismissed the accusations as” fantasy ” and a new example of Western disinformation. According to him, 3.7 million Ukrainians fled to Russia or to Russian separatist-controlled territory. They are not being detained, he said. “They live in freedom and are in Russia voluntarily, they can go wherever they want and no one will stop them if they want to leave the country.”

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