Biden will defend Taiwan even if it will lead to a full-scale war

Let's hope that it will be Biden's personal war

Should China ever decide to invade Taiwan, US troops will protect the island state. President Joe Biden reiterated that promise in an interview with CBS 60 Minutes.

Never before has the US president been so clear about possible support for Taiwan. When asked whether this also means sending American troops to the island to help in defense, the president answered in the affirmative. In the case of Ukraine, for example, this is not happening now.

After the interview, which was already recorded on Thursday, a White House spokesman tried to soften Biden’s words. His decision would not be in line with the official policy of the United States.

Biden promised to defend Taiwan

In late May, Biden pledged to defend Taiwan. That ruling put evil blood in Beijing, which considers Taiwan a renegade province.

A Biden spokesman said the U.S. will provide military support (for example, weapons) so that Taiwan can defend itself. Biden responded a few days later by saying that “the policy towards Taiwan has not changed at all”.

Since the visit of US politician Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan last month, relations between China and the US have been sharp. After her visit, China conducted days-long military exercises in the waters around the island state. Beijing has warned Washington not to”play with fire.”

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