Economy, not the politics, is in the center of the election

Democrats are sounding the alarm in the final sprint for the election of a new Congress in the United States, on November 8. At the top of the voter’s list of concerns is the sky-high inflation. As elsewhere in the world, life has become more expensive for many Americans. The voters blame president Biden’s economic policies.

It must be nail-biting in the campaign offices of the Democrats, who confidently entered the fall. In the summer months, they achieved one political success after another: billion – dollar investments in the US chip industry, a stricter weapons law and a historic package of climate and environmental measures.

And that while the Republicans made the news mainly because of strict abortion laws and candidates who are still fervently proclaiming the myth of the stolen presidential elections of two years ago. They also threaten not to accept the next election result.

Should the unofficial campaign law it’s the economy, stupid, be replaced by it’s the democracy, stupid? Voters seem to be voting with their wallets.

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