Air Force Base Tindal to host six B-52 nuclear missile carriers

'Strong message to China' means Australia may count on retaliation

The United States plans to deploy six long-range B-52 bombers, capable of both conventional and nuclear bombs from Australia, the Australian Broadcasting Corp reported on Monday. This move could further escalate tensions with Beijing.

At the remote Australian Air Force Base Tindal, about 300 km south of Darwin, the capital of the Australian Northern Territory, special facilities for the Bombers will be equipped, the ABC program Four Corners reported. The program cites American documents as a source.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Australia “occasionally” cooperates with the US on defense alliances. ‘There are, of course, visits to Australia, including Darwin, where US Marines are stationed in rotation, ” Albanese said at a press conference.

The U.S. has detailed plans for what it calls a “squadron operations facility” for maintaining and stationing the aircraft during the dry season.

The plan sends a strong signal to opponents about Washington’s ability to deploy lethal air force, according to the US Air Force report.

Last year, the US, Britain and Australia signed a security agreement giving Australia the technology to deploy nuclear-powered submarines.

Becca Wasser, a researcher at The Washington-based Center for a New American Security, told ABC that the deployment of the B-52s in Australia, which allows them to reach mainland China, is a warning to Beijing. But that it could also make Australia a target if it took action with the US in Taiwan or gave Australia fly – over and access rights to the Americans.

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