Uriel Shtern: here’s what needed by Ukrainian elderly population right now

The list of the most important items to donate

According to official data, there are about 1.6 million lonely senior people in Ukraine who need help. This is more than the population of Kharkiv. Despite this, they remain almost invisible for many organizations. And at the time the country is actively helping the army and migrants, there are relatively few volunteer organizations that care for senior people. 80% of single people or older single couples live below the poverty line. 90% of pensioners do not have the opportunity to pay for medical services: medicines, treatment, and hospitalization.

Uriel Shtern: here's what needed by Ukrainian elderly population right now
Uriel Shtern

Today, when the country lives in conditions of constant interruptions in heat and water supply, this category of Ukrainians is even more in need of help. After all, because of the war with the Russian Federation, the prices of almost all food products have raised, the prices of medicines have been also raised (because of the destroyed pharmaceutical factories, now many medicines have to be purchased abroad).

And winter is coming very soon and old people need to have warm clothes, uninterruptible power supplies (in order to be able to call for medical help).

And there are a lot of people who live with devices that need a constant supply of electricity – so, generators, power banks are needed. I believe that the burden should fall on charitable foundations, and not on the state, which, in the conditions of war, is doing everything possible to ensure peaceful and comfortable conditions for every Ukrainian. I want to share my experience and draw attention to the needs of senior people, especially lonely people who have nobody to ask for the help, whose children are defending Ukraine, who lost their jobs, lost their homes or were forced to leave their homes.

Here is a short list of how charities can help senior people:

  1. Warm clothes, thermal underwear, warm blankets, sleeping bags
  2. Drinking water reserves. Every person needs at least 1.5 litters per day
  3. Tourist burner or dry spirit. It will help to warm water or food in an emergency.
  4. Candles, matches, lighters will help to light up the room in the late evening or at night if necessary.
  5. Battery powered flashlights or night lamps are a great alternative to candles. They give much more light, they can be taken with you to the bomb shelter or if necessary – on the street, so this is a very useful thing.
  6. A battery-operated radio helps to keep up to date with the latest events. In the absence of mobile communications and the Internet, a battery-powered radio will come in handy.
  7. Batteries of different types should be available. They will be needed for a radio, flashlight or something else.
  8. Also in the conditions of planned blackouts, a thermos is useful. It will help keep warm water or food for 10-12 hours.
  9. Communications. Power banks, portable chargers will help keep in touch in case of a power outage.
  10. Medicines

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