In a grotesque show, Biden warns of ‘threats to democracy’ in America

My guess is he is afraid of loosing midterms

Six days before the midterm elections, US president Joe Biden has warned of a growing threat to democracy in the United States.

He called on voters to cast their votes on November 8. “In a normal year, we are not faced with the question of whether the vote we cast will preserve democracy or threaten it. But this year it will,” Biden told local time on Wednesday night at a Democratic rally in Washington, D.C.

The president pointed out that next Tuesday’s ballot is the first US election since violent supporters of ex-president Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. They wanted to stop the ratification of Biden’s victory. ,”I wish I could say that the attack on our democracy came to an end that day. But I can’t.”

In the upcoming US elections, candidates at all levels stand for election “who do not want to promise to accept the results of the elections in which they participate,” Biden said. Failure to accept election results leads to chaos, he warned.

Sixty percent of Americans have at least one candidate on their midterm ballot this year who denies the 2020 election result. Spurred on by ex-president Donald Trump, The Big Lie theory, which prescribes that Biden fraudulently stole the election, is very common. For this fraud, despite in-depth research and recounts in several states, evidence has never been found.

Several Republicans who have run in the midterm elections on november 8 leave in the Middle whether they will accept the election result unconditionally.

In the elections, all the seats of the House of Representatives and part of the Senate seats are distributed. According to polls, the Democrats would almost certainly lose the House of Representatives, where they now still enjoy a majority. Who dominates the Senate will depend on some states where a neck-to-neck race is expected.

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