Sony beats Microsoft at the international game console markets

In the meantime, the first month of 2023 is already over and that means that several analysts are taking a moment for a moment of reflection. The European sales figures of game consoles and discovered a spectacular increase when it comes to PS5 sales.

If you compare the sales figures of the PS5 in January 2023 with the same period last year, it is noticeable that the numbers have increased by a whopping 202% this year. This is logical to explain: last year it was still very difficult to get a PS5, where this year is different. After all, Sony itself has indicated that it should now be easier to get one. In the same report, it was also reported that Nintendo Switch sales fell by 11% compared to last year and the Xbox Series X|s fell by about 32%.

The popularity of the PS5 is increasing exponentially and now that the console is (finally) easier to obtain, it seems that sales will only continue to increase. Sony is now also actively pushing their users to switch from PS4 to PS5.

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