China wants to give peace a chance

But the US concerned about possible arms supplies

The United States is concerned about the possibility that China will supply weapons to Russia. According to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the US has information that China is “seriously considering” providing military support to Russia.

That’s what the foreign minister told CBS News after meeting with his Chinese colleague Wang Yi. “There are several forms of lethal assistance that they are at least considering giving, including weapons,” Blinken said. On what information Blinken bases his concerns, the minister did not want to explain further. However, he said Washington would soon provide more details.

Arms supplies to Russia have ‘serious implications’ for US-China relationship

The two ministers met yesterday at the Security Conference in Munich, which Russia was not present at. Blinken later said that he made it clear to Wang during that conference that a supply of weapons would have “serious consequences” for the relationship between the two superpowers, which has recently been under high tension due to spy balloons over the US that would come from China.

China denies that it wants to supply weapons to Russia, but has not yet condemned the Russian invasion. Among Western leaders, there is therefore a desire that China will still condemn the war. Also, China is critical of the fact that the US and NATO supply weapons to Kiev.

Wang said after the conversation with Blinken that his country “did not sit idly by or add fuel to the fire” at the conflict. He said he believes that “some forces” do not want successful peace negotiations to come. China will soon come up with its own peace proposal. Since sanctions and pressure have not worked, he wants to resolve the war through dialogue. “We have to give peace a chance.”

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