One month ago the devastating earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria

A month after the devastating earthquakes in southern Turkey and northern Syria, Life is at a standstill for many people. Meanwhile, many affected have received emergency aid, say various aid organizations. In places where large organizations do not come, there are many local initiatives with volunteers. In the disaster area in Syria, aid is far behind.

Some two million Turks have been given temporary shelter, mainly in tents, the Turkish government reports. Also, people are now temporarily living in container homes, in hotels along the coast or with family and friends in other places in the country. Aid organizations provide daily meals and clean drinking water and distribute blankets and tents. This emergency aid is still badly needed for weeks, if not months.

“We are really still in the first phase,” says Elsa Van Zoest of Oxfam Novib. “It’s about the basic necessities. People live from day to day.”Jos The Guardian of Save the Children sees that too. “In addition to emergency help, people also need time to process the loss and grieve.”Both organizations are active in the disaster area and are affiliated with the National Action of Giro555, in which more than 108 million euros were raised.

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