WhatsApp made an exemption for EU users

WhatsApp users are no longer obliged to accept changes to the terms of Use. This is the result of negotiations between EU and the messaging service. The agreements should prevent the messaging service from imposing new rules that are detrimental to users.

WhatsApp has also promised that it will inform users of its messaging app more clearly about changes to its terms and conditions. The company is going to report to users what is changing and what the consequences are.

In addition, WhatsApp will make it easy for users to refuse changed conditions. The company will then be clear about the consequences. For example, it could mean that you can no longer use the service.

WhatsApp has also promised that it will not share personal data with parent company Meta for advertising purposes. The messaging service previously announced plans to link accounts to Facebook profiles in order to be able to personalize advertising.

The promises are the result of conversations that European consumer regulators and the European Commission have had with the company. The commitments made by WhatsApp are binding. Brussels can enforce compliance, for example by imposing fines if the messaging service breaks its promises.

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