The exhibition “Ukraine: Celebrating Beauty and Resilience” to take place at The Ven

Wars come and go, while the art is eternal as a human nature itself. Keeping it in mind is especially important during the hard times. Ukrainian art exhibition will guide you through versatile and ancient culture of the Eastern-European nation. The event will take place in The Ven at Embassy Row in Washington DC.

We are pleased to announce an extraordinary event that will take place on April 16th at The Ven at Embassy Row in Washington – the exhibition of Ukrainian art “Ukraine. Celebrating Beauty and Resilience”.

This unique event combines a concert, lecture, and storytelling by a musician who has performed in 300 concerts in war-torn regions of Ukraine. Yuriy Fedynsky, the musician, will share his incredible stories through music, words, and visual effects, providing first-hand information about performances in Ukraine’s war-torn regions. His performance promises to be powerful and moving, giving an idea of the resilience of the Ukrainian people in difficult times.

Importantly, this event is a charity event to support medical needs in Ukraine, and all proceeds will go towards supporting this important cause. Attending the event will not only allow you to enjoy an unforgettable artistic evening but also support the needs of Ukrainian medical professionals.

We are delighted to recommend this event to everyone interested. It is a unique and extraordinary experience that will not only allow you to enjoy Ukrainian culture but also make a contribution to a charitable cause. Tickets can be purchased on The Ven website. Thank you for your attention and we hope to see you there!

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