US diplomats intercepted a secret Egypt-Russia deal

And offer generous replacement

Egypt had almost delivered missiles to Russia, but a diplomatic offensive by the United States put a stop to the supply of weapons. The supply was stopped.

This writes The Washington Post on the basis of five documents that were leaked through the messaging service Discord.

Last week, The Washington Post revealed that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi came up with a secret plan in February to supply Russia with 40,000 missiles.

That revelation was made after studying the documents leaked via social media containing secret and sensitive defense information about the war in Ukraine. Al-Sisi reportedly wanted to keep the plans secret in order to ” avoid problems with the West.”

According to new documents obtained by the US newspaper, The Egyptian president decided early last month not to supply Moscow with weapons.

According to The Washington Post, America is Egypt’s most generous Western ally, providing the country with more than $ 1 billion of military support per year.

The fact that the US has succeeded in turning Egypt on other ideas is a “diplomatic victory” for the administration of President Joe Biden, according to the newspaper. In exchange for ammunition production for Ukraine, Egypt will receive “advanced US military items”, according to the newspaper, without going into further detail about this.

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