With Title 42 expired US borders will be taken by storm

After all it never was about the virus

The United States ends its corona emergency on Thursday after three years. International travelers can then fly to the USA without a Corona vaccination certificate. At the border, an emergency measure that has stopped migrants on a large scale in recent years is being scrapped.

The coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than a million people in the US, according to official figures. For Americans, the end of the “public health emergency” means the end of all kinds of regulations that were intended to fight the pandemic. For example, citizens, depending on their insurer, have to start paying for Corona tests again.

Many migrants have probably been looking forward to this Thursday. Then, late at night, the emergency order known as Title 42 expires. That measure dates back to the administration of President Donald Trump and has been used to return some 2.7 million people who had crossed the border. Thus, the spread of the virus (and migrants) had to be counteracted.

The authorities fear that the end of Title 42 will lead to thousands of attempts a day to illegally cross the 3,100-kilometer southern border with Mexico. Texas sent hundreds of National Guard troops to the border area as a precaution. Former President Trump’s Republicans are already predicting chaos and nightmarish conditions.

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