There is no substantial increase in illegal migrants

..they said

U.S. border authorities have not seen a “substantial increase ” in the number of migrants who have crossed the border into the United States from Mexico since midnight (local time). An increase is taken into account due to the expiration of a Corona measure that made it possible to send migrants away en masse.

The scheme, also called Title 42, dates back to the administration of President Donald Trump and has been used to return some 2.8 million people who had crossed the border. This measure has come to an end due to the expiration of the national emergency that was declared due to the corona pandemic.

Illegal migrants have been sent back to Mexico or their home countries for the past three years without consequences. Now procedures are being started for the official expulsion of these people. They are deported from the U.S., are not allowed to return to the U.S. for the next five years, and are prosecuted for illegal border crossing after deportation.

U.S. Customs had previously said it expected 10,000 migrants to cross the border into Mexico daily if Title 42 ended. That’s double the average in March. Last month, the number of border crossings in the south of the US has already increased significantly. The U.S. and Mexico sent additional personnel to the border.

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