US forbids export of ASML tech to China in what China calls a disruption of free trade

USA tries to prevent China from getting chip independence

China has urged the Netherlands not to abuse export restrictions on products from the chip industry. This is contained in a statement from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

In doing so, the ministry appears to be responding to export restrictions on Dutch chip machine maker ASML towards China.

Minister Liesje Schreinemacher (Foreign Trade) announced Friday that ASML is no longer allowed to export certain chip machines to China as of September. The Chinese embassy in The Hague already announced Friday that it sees the restriction as an “abuse of export control mechanisms” that “seriously disrupt” free trade rules.

The export restriction was already announced in March. Then it was revealed that a national licensing requirement will apply to certain ASML machines, including the most advanced DUV machines.

China also expressed its displeasure in March, but has not yet taken any action against the Netherlands. However, the issue is said to have been discussed “frequently and at various levels,” the statement reads.

Export restriction came under pressure from US

The export restriction came under pressure from the U.S. government. The United States already announced last year that it would export less chip technology to China. They fear that the chip machines will be used for military purposes.

ASML does not expect the export restrictions to have a major impact on the company’s financial results.

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