Philips settles personal injury claims over sleep apnea devices

Philips has reached a settlement with customers in the United States who have used defective sleep apnea devices. The company had already set aside €575 million earlier this year for these compensations.

Hundreds of Americans have filed personal injury claims against Philips due to health issues resulting from defects in the healthcare technology company’s sleep apnea devices.

The issues with the sleep apnea devices, which have plagued Philips for years, revolve around the insulation foam inside the machines. This foam could deteriorate or release chemicals after contact with certain cleaning agents, potentially causing health problems. Due to these problems, Philips had to recall and replace millions of sleep apnea and ventilation devices worldwide.

Patients in the US with a faulty device can expect to receive a monetary amount, which depends on the type of device. It is not known how much Philips will ultimately spend on the settlement.

The company is also negotiating with the US Department of Justice for a settlement. According to the US medical device regulator, the Food and Drug Administration, Philips had indications of issues with the sleep apnea devices for years before the major recall.

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