Donald Trump pays 10K fine for a twit about court official

Former President Trump faced his first fine due to his refusal to delete a controversial social media comment he made about a court official. However, the situation escalated further when, on a subsequent Wednesday, he repeated the offense, this time targeting journalists. Trump did not mince words, asserting,

“this judge is a very partisan judge, with a person next to him who is very biased, perhaps even more partisan than himself.”

Judge Arthur Engoron presided over the case and, in his ruling, declared that Trump’s continued commentary about the court official constituted a blatant violation of the rules established during his tenure as president. Consequently, Trump received a fine that was twice the amount of his previous penalty issued just a week earlier. In a stern warning, Engoron cautioned,

Don’t repeat this conduct, or the consequences will be even more severe.

This situation underscores the ongoing tension surrounding Trump’s comments and actions, especially on social media, and the challenges in ensuring that public officials adhere to the rules and norms governing their behavior.

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