US population to reach 370 million in 2080

After that it is expected to remain flat and ageing

The demographic landscape of the United States is poised for change in the coming century, according to predictions from the US Census Bureau, the government agency responsible for monitoring population trends.

Currently boasting a population of 331 million, the United States is projected to experience growth, reaching an estimated 370 million inhabitants by 2080 in the most probable scenario. However, this trajectory is expected to plateau, with the population stabilizing at around 366 million by the turn of the century. These projections are based on comprehensive data encompassing anticipated births, deaths, and migration patterns.

The Census Bureau also considers alternative scenarios that could significantly impact population size. In a scenario where immigration to the U.S. continues to surge, the country could witness a more substantial increase, reaching approximately 435 million inhabitants by the year 2100. Conversely, in an improbable scenario where international migration comes to a complete halt, the population might dip to 226 million by the turn of the century.

In addition to population estimates, the agency offers insights into the aging demographic. In the most likely scenario, by 2029, the number of individuals over 65 is expected to surpass the count of minors. Looking further ahead to 2100, over 29 percent of the population is projected to be over 65, contrasting with 16.4 percent under the age of 18. These demographic shifts paint a dynamic picture of the United States’ population composition and suggest potential implications for various sectors, from healthcare to workforce dynamics, in the decades to come.

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