Tim Scott goes out from the 2024 election race

Republican presidential hopeful Tim Scott has unexpectedly withdrawn from the 2024 election race, catching even his campaign team off guard. The 58-year-old senator from South Carolina made the surprising announcement during an appearance on the Sunday Night program on Fox News, just two months before the commencement of the Republican primaries in Iowa. According to an employee from his campaign, the news was a revelation even for them, as they learned of Scott’s decision through the television broadcast.

Despite entering the race in May with a significant financial advantage over other Republican candidates, including being the most well-funded, Scott struggled to gain traction in a field dominated by former President Donald Trump. Even after participating in the third Republican debate, Scott consistently polled below 2% among Republicans.

On Fox News, Scott stated,

“I love America even more today than I did on May 22. But if I go back to Iowa, it won’t be as a presidential candidate. I’m suspending my campaign. I think the voters, who are the most remarkable people on earth, have been very clear. So I’m going to respect the voters and look for a new opportunity.”

Scott clarified that he would not endorse any of the remaining Republican contenders and expressed disinterest in the vice-presidential position. He emphasized, “That has never been on my to-do list for this campaign.” Former Vice President Mike Pence has also announced his withdrawal from the election race, leaving six Republican candidates, including Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley, still in contention.

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