Hostage release closer than ever: Jon Finer


US National Security Adviser Jon Finer has conveyed that the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas militants is currently at its closest point to fruition. According to Finer, who shared this information with NBC News, significant progress has been made in the intricate and highly sensitive negotiations between Israel and Gaza. He expressed optimism, suggesting that the deal is nearing completion, potentially being the closest it has been since the beginning of the negotiation process.

Additionally, Finer hinted at the likelihood of an extended combat break as part of the agreement, aimed at facilitating the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza. However, it’s worth noting that on Saturday, The Washington Post reported that an agreement had already been reached. This report, however, faced contradiction from both US and Israeli officials.

During an interview on the NBC program Meet the Press, Finer elaborated, stating, “What I can say right now is that some of the bottlenecks in a very complicated, highly sensitive negotiation have been reduced. I believe we’re closer to this deal than we’ve been in a long time, perhaps closer than we’ve been since the beginning of this process.”

In a separate conversation with ABC, Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Herzog, shared a similar sentiment, expressing hope that Hamas would release a substantial number of the 240 hostages currently held. Herzog anticipates that Hamas will allow a significant portion of the total abductees to be released.

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